OceanCraft 101

Sometimes you find yourself in nature and all of the etiquette you have been taught as a child flies right out the window. Introducing your self, saying please and thank you is vital when you’re dealing with Nature and Nature’s Spirits. This article speaks volumes in just a few words.
Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress

Book of Eucalypt

I never used to be able to understand how people could live land-locked. I couldn’t comprehend how people could live in a town or city that was surrounded by itself, or by nothing at all.

And then I moved to Sydney and couldn’t justify the rent to live by the water! Boy, did my opinions soon change!

I couldn’t leave my holidays without seeing the ocean, without standing in it’s beauty, without feeling the waves crash against my legs. Just once. Trips to the ocean are becoming fewer and far between, and each trip I find myself more and more disconnected. It scares me.

But with each trip I find myself more and more connected to land.

Before I find myself more and more disconnected, I thought I’d start the new year off with a bit of “OceanCraft 101”.

NB: Reading through this post it feels like standard basics that we…

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Evocation of A Witch

Evocation – I Am.

From Ch'kara's Grimoire

Evocation of A Witch

Silver Ravenwolf


I am one with the Universe.

I am no-thing and I am everything.

I am the stars and the moon

the seas and the storms

the breath of life

the alchemical change

the living and the dead

I am!


I am the power and the joy,

I am the spirit and the dances.

I am the magik and the priest

The Witch and the Sorceress,

The Angels and the elements



I am!


I am the past, the present, and the future.

I am the void

And I am the manifestation of my desire.

I am!


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Lessons in Magick: Evocation

Fantastic article. Important ppoints for Witches of all ages. Brightest Blessings,
SunRay Sorceress

Michael Pisano

Image Source: Poision Apple Printshop

“Tis the witching hour of night,

Orbed is the moon and bright,

And the stars they glisten, glisten,

Seeming with bright eyes to listen

For what they listen?”

John Keats

It has been over one month since I have sat down to write a blog, usually by this point I would be going mad because of the built up creative energy, this time was a bit different; a lot can change in a month.

The death of my Grandmother has hit me pretty hard, and I am dealing with the waves of emotions that come with grief. I have also developed Carpal Tunnel in my left wrist due to the excessive amount of writing, and strain from the intricate beading and jewelry that I have been doing. Ah, the Universe sure does have a sense of humor.

Find a hobby, they said, it will be…

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