Second Chances- From My Heart To Yours

My daughter posted this memory today. 

(I’ve covered names for obvious reasons. )

I am so grateful for each day, for that day I wished to die but my Spirit Guide, who happened to look like Glenda the good witch from the wizard of Oz 💜, had a different plan. She told me, “Your story is not yet done”. When your dieing from kidney failure and other internal infections, Every day after that becomes a new Magickal Day. 

Simply say, I believe I believe.. 

Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress


Healing Tree

The Power Of Positive Words

Coven Life®

I have two apple trees growing in my backyard. The one on the right is stong, healthy and has given large sweet apples but the One on the left was sickly with some dead branches producing rotten fruit. Every time I walk around it I honestly feel it weeping from all the toxicity that has plagued it. My Heart breaks for this wonderful life that’s being drained out of it.

Last week I was walking around it and I felt my Spirit guide wisper, why don’t you heal it? You are a Witch, you know how. I thought, yes I am and it’s my job to heal the sick. I went about telling the tree that I was going to have to cut out the poison and it will hurt but it’s for the best for to heal you must first remove the toxin. I cut the rotten branches and…

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