Star Made Witch: Spiritual Alchemy by Jenny Tyson

A review on the book Spiritual Alchemy. This is an insightful review that has me excited. To chech out this review,  click on the link. 

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Magickal Musings: Understanding the Pentagram – GypsyWytch Diaries

Have you ever been harrased by someone who thinks that the pentagram is evil? Thu is such a great explanation of why we need the pentagram, and also how important this amazing symbol is in our walk. 

Please read the link..

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SunRay Sorceress

A Lotta’ Drama ‘Bout Nothing

Another important message from our wonderful Amythyst Raine.
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SunRay Sorceress

Magickal Connections

“I Offered the Wrong Fruit to This God!”…”I set up my altar wrong!”…”My Life is Falling Apart!”, they wail.

I love this! (In a warped and twisted way.)  People, mostly youngish people that I’m finding (mostly), have gone over-the-top insanely fixated on practicing their paganism from a strictly Historically Accurate context. We all know that this is impossible, those of us old ‘uns who’ve been around a while and tread the path from various perspectives and dimensions.

I sit back in quiet amazement watching the high-drama…”I’ve insulted Zeus and Cerridwen (Greek god; Celtic goddess, for those who don’t know, and that’s ok).  They either set an altar up “WRONG”, or put the wrong offering out, or put the opposing altar with the opposing deities from opposing pantheons and cultures up too close together, or on the wrong day, or with the wrong intention…on and on and on and on.


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