Special Episode – Weird Tales – The Pale Man

This us another fun episode from New World Witchery, perfuct for this time of year.
SunRay Sorceress

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Our last (official) #AllHallowsRead tale is “The Pale Man,” by Julius Long. A lonely man visiting a country hotel finds himself pondering a strange guest down the hall, one that keeps changing rooms and moving closer and closer.


Download: Special Episode – Weird Tales – The Pale Man


You can read the full text of “The Pale Man,” by Julius Long, at Wikimedia. The story is listed as in the public domain.

 Promos & Music

Intro music is “Grifos Muertos” by Jeffery Luck Lucas, from his album What We Whisper, used under license from Magnatune.com

Incidental music by Olssons (“Ambient One”); DR (“Sedativa V”); Byzons (“Apatheia (Or, The Story of a Girl Trapped in a World of Madness)),” all of which are used through Creative Commons license on SoundCloud.

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Samhain 2016

Okay we’re ready!!

Blessed Samhain and Halloween and New Moon Blessings brothers and sisters. 🎃 A little accident but the spirits are protecting me, as long as I stay away from the knives. Lol👻🎃

Where Have You Been?

My beautiful Sisters and Brothers, recently I have been  near nonexistent with my head stuck in the sand. When I think about what I have been going through and still am, I think of the Hermit Tarot card. I have felt so many emotions my head and heart is spinning so much, that I needed to go deep inside and close myself off from everything that pertains to Sorcery or Witchcraft. Thanks to a couple of sisters I have had a Reiki past life healing and am still delving deep for answers to question I still am not ready to share. My only escape and sense of hope is painting. What I mainly wanted to say is, I love each and every one of you. You are my Spiritual family and that I’m not completely discombobulated. I am still here, I’m just not standing in the spotlight but I am working on my inside. Please be patient with me and forgive my lack of pertisapation momentarily and yes I am still posting on Mondays on Coven Life. 

With all my heart dear sisters and brothers,

Your SunRay Sorceress