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Lessons in Magick: The Power of Signs and Omens

The universe is talking to you.
Abundant Blessings,
SunRay Sorceress

The Nephilim Rising

Rachel Baran

Image: Rachel Baran

“It is your omen, only you know the meaning. To me, it is but another star in the night.”

Gerald R. Stanek

Witches, Mystics, Cunning Folk and Wild Women (People) have used signs, and omens to guide and help direct them in life since the beginning of time. The mentioning of and superstitions surrounding these otherworldly messages crosses many cultures and traditions; varying only slightly between them.

It is extremely important to pay attention to the signs, and follow them with an open heart but it’s equally important to know when the signs are not yours to follow. And, you absolutely need to know when it is NOT a sign at all but simply a result of cause and effect.

The latter is super hard for me, personally, to grasp.

I put a lot of faith in the Universe, and I know that sounds crazy coming from…

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The Origin and Lore of Fairies and Fairy Land

The Origin and Lore Of Fairies and Fairy Land

Eric Edwards Collected Works

“Fairies were real once…”’ the lore of Fairies and Fairy Land



Spirit of the Night. Atkinson Grimshaw






Earlier Deities and Populations

Nature, Folklore and Fairy Tales

Fairies, Ancestors and the Dead


References and Sources Consulted



The term ‘fairy’ is used to loosely describe a type of legendary or mythical being of romance and folklore. These unsubstantial creatures are often of diminutive size (Edwards, 1974). As spiritual entities fairies are considered to be supernatural, preternatural or metaphysical beings in possession off unbounded magical powers. In European folklore and fairy tales they are described as typically invisible or non-substantial spirits who live on earth in proximity to, or in association with mortal human beings. Fairies are presumed to possess knowledge of hidden natural powers which therefore “…corresponds with their power of making time appear long or short to those mortals who are…

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Episode 110 – Live Walpurgisnacht Broadcast 2017 (Magical Things)

Another amazing episode from The New World Witchery.
Please check this out.
Abundant Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress

New World Witchery - the Search for American Traditional Witchcraft


This episode is a recording of our recent live broadcast in which Cory discusses magical objects, gifts, and ‘things’ with fill-in co-host AthenaBeth Black and guest Achija Branvin Sionach.

Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the show for as little as a dollar a month, and get some awesome rewards at the same time.  Even if you can’t give, spread the word and let others know, and maybe we can make New World Witchery even better than it is now.

Producers for this show: Corvus, Diana Garino, Renee Odders, Ye Olde Magic Shoppe, Raven Dark Moon, The Witches View Podcast,  Sarah, Molly, Corvus, Catherine, AthenaBeth, Jen Rue of Rue & Hyssop, Little Wren, Jessica, Victoria, Daniel, Plum Deluxe Teas, Johnathan at the ModernSouthernPolytheist, Montine, Achija of Spellbound Bookbinding, and Hazel (if we missed you this episode, we’ll…

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Walpurgisnacht Chant

Walpurgisnacht Chant

amor et mortem

A blessed May Eve/Walpurgisnacht/Beltane to all who celebrate in the Northern Hemisphere, and a blessed All Hallowstide/Samhain to friends Down Under! Here is a little chant we used to do in my coven after the balefire has been consecrated and we danced around it to raise energy:



Walpurgis Night, the time is right,

The ancient powers awake.

So dance and sing, around the ring,

And Beltane magic make.

Walpurgis Night, Walpurgis Night,

Upon the eve of May,

We’ll merry meet, and summer greet,

Forever and a day.

New life we see, in flower and in tree,

And summer comes again.

Be free and fair, like earth and air,

The sunshine and the rain.

Walpurgis Night, Walpurgis Night,

Upon the eve of May,

We’ll merry meet, and summer greet,

Forever and a day.

As magic fire be our desire

To tread the Pagan way,

And our True Will find and…

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Smelling Roses

Ohh the amazing Magick of a 🌹 Rose.
Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress

Anne Duthers

by Anne Duthers

IMGP1202 - Copy ‘Betty Boop’ Rose

We have all heard the phrase, and some even quote it: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”  In the famous play, Juliet here asks Romeo to change his sir name, as if it didn’t matter. Often today the quote is used as if to say that one lovely flower, although different, is as good as another despite a change in name. Sometimes this ‘lovely flower’ meaning is stretched to mean ‘women’ or ‘love’ in general. But roses can be very different in name, and some don’t smell at all.

Ah, William (if that is indeed your name) truth is ~ you got it wrong.

Although, in Shakespeare’s day it was closer to being true.  Back then, the almost scent-free hot house rose we see commonly today would not be tolerated. Simply no room in the carefully tended medieval garden for…

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Ceanothus: an American Fairy Bush

A trip through the Fairy Realm with an Indian paint brush.
Brightest Blessings,
SunRay Sorceress

Anne Duthers

by Anne Duthers

It started with me, barefoot on a lawn in the suburbs of California’s Central Valley. It was summer, and therefore, redundantly, hot. I wore little besides, well, a diaper actually.  From all accounts it was a happy day, but what I remember is the grass. Between my toes and in my chubby hands: then grab, yank, and in the mouth, much to Mom’s alarm.  As natural to me as falling down a rabbit hole.

And thus began my love affair with Nature in all her green glory. Oh yes, mud pies were an important part of this journey. As were afternoon hours of insect observation ~ a fascination of the creepy-crawliest kind! (shudder) Getting lost got me in trouble in the expanses of hillside shrubbery that pass for wilderness to a kid in San Francisco. Lost, not in location, but because I was busy with the plants I…

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