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Hello sweet being,

I want to speak to you about a very important topic for me right now. I won’t be surprised if it is something that you are facing right now too… There is so much synchronicity in the feminine field. I feel really connected to you through it.

Devotion is an intrinsic part of my spiritual path. Devotion is something that opens my heart, that makes my mind stop and consciousness expand like a blossoming lotus…

But first of all devotion to me is the ability to feel divine love.

Sometimes it comes through as something incredibly subtle. There are moments when I simply sit quietly and feel that I am bathing in light… in beauty… I feel that I am surrounded by beauty that may be at first invisible to my eyes, but so tangible to my heart. It may bring tears to my eyes… And then……

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Awake the Power already inside you

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Happy Winter Solstice All. I’m going to touch on a couple of things which are very important for a New Witch, Like Myself needs to realize, that  we’re going to have these thoughts and feelings and no we’re not stupid or loosing our mind.

But first a little report on the Coven Life Winter – Yule Solstice Ritual yesterday, hosted by Lady Beltane and special guest, High Priestess Stregga.  The Ritual was amazing and full of a tingling  high energy magick. Halfway through and during our meditation time, I felt a peace descend on me and started humming and singing a chant. I don’t know what the words meant but when you’re in The Spirit, you just go with it. What emerged next was a vision of the 10 of us Witches, holding hands, in a circle, around The Great Fire. As we were holding hands, we were building a mighty wall of protection and healing for all there that…

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