Ceanothus: an American Fairy Bush

A trip through the Fairy Realm with an Indian paint brush.
Brightest Blessings,
SunRay Sorceress

Anne Duthers

by Anne Duthers

It started with me, barefoot on a lawn in the suburbs of California’s Central Valley. It was summer, and therefore, redundantly, hot. I wore little besides, well, a diaper actually.  From all accounts it was a happy day, but what I remember is the grass. Between my toes and in my chubby hands: then grab, yank, and in the mouth, much to Mom’s alarm.  As natural to me as falling down a rabbit hole.

And thus began my love affair with Nature in all her green glory. Oh yes, mud pies were an important part of this journey. As were afternoon hours of insect observation ~ a fascination of the creepy-crawliest kind! (shudder) Getting lost got me in trouble in the expanses of hillside shrubbery that pass for wilderness to a kid in San Francisco. Lost, not in location, but because I was busy with the plants I…

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