Necromancy or Talking To The Dead

This is a fantastic article about communicating with the spirit of someone who has passed.

It simplifies and removes the fear and taboo from it. I hope you read this and give me your feedback and also as you’re spreading love, joy and well wishes, please remember to include your Ancestors too, they’ll appreciate it.

Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress

Defining Necromancy By: Sarah Ann Lawless

Necro just means death (necropolis, necrosis, necronomicon… you get it) and has two meanings: the first is a form of divination/mediumship/spiritwork involving the summoning of the dead in the form of spirits and communicating with them to gain knowledge and foreknowledge and the second is witchcraft and sorcery in general usually practiced specifically by a witch. Not really so scary, right? More like ancestor worship and witchcraft than all the horrible things you were thinking. As for reanimation of corpses, well you’ll need to read The Serpent and the Rainbow to learn about real zombies.

The second definition gives away that witchcraft and sorcery have some inherent association with death and with the history of witches being moon worshippers and gathering at night, it doesn’t surprise me. Witches work with spirits, spirits come from death. Think about it, we don’t just work with dead people; those herbs you used in your incense are dead parts of plants, and that skull on your altar is from a dead animal. Even those witch gods you invoke may just be the first ancestors or ancient ancestors who practiced as you do.

To be a necromancer one needs to accept death and not fear it. One also needs to have reverence for death and not be insensitive to it – a life, is a life, is a life after all – not matter how seemingly small.



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