🎄Number Sequences ❄


For months now I have been seeing the number sequence 123 everywhere.

I have taken a vague interest in them until now when I am in a situation that I feel like all power has been taken from me,  when the feelings of optimism and that quiet knowing  I feel inside has been replaced with frustration and doubt. Those negative feelings will crush you, even paralyze you, if you listen to them long enough.  Today I’ve finally decided to find out what Spirit is trying to get through to me. 

Loud and clear Spirit is saying To be grateful for the good that is in my life and to trust that positive soft voice that resonates in my spirit. 💚❤Mother Earth, Fire, Water and Air will provide what it is you and I need. 💙💛 Thank you for letting me share this. 

Please check out the link above. This sister has many wonderful things to say. Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress


Number 123 is a compilation of the qualities and attributes of number 1, the vibrations of number 2 and the energies of number 3. Number 1 promotes new beginnings and starting anew, motivation and taking action, striving forward and progress, self-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, instinct and intuition. Number 1 also relates to creating our own realities by our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Number 2resonates with service to others, diplomacy and compromise, balance, flexibility and adaptability, duality, encouragement and kindness. Number 2 also relates to faith and trust and serving your life purpose and soul missionNumber 3 adds self-expression and communication, optimism and enthusiasm, skills and talents, friendliness and sociability, manifesting, growth, expansion and the principles of increase. Number 3 also carries the vibrations of the Ascended Masters. It indicates that the Ascended Masters are around you, assisting when asked and helping you to focus upon the Divine spark within yourself and others. They are helping you to find peace, clarity and love within.  

Number 1 encourages you to step forward and start something new, different and life-changing. Number 2 sets you on your course with balance, faith and ability, and number 3 sees expansion of concepts and life-themes, and expressing and communicating from your authentic self.  
Angel Number 123 can be seen as a number of progression and/or steps along a journey or life path.

Angel Number 123 is often seen as ‘steps’, with subsequent number sequences (eg. 456 … 789) appearing once the 123 sequence is acknowledged and recognized, and the ‘steps’ and actions taken by the individual. If feeling any doubts or fears about which actions to take, ask for guidance and assistance from the angels and listen to your intuition and inner-wisdom.  Know that you have all that you need within to achieve your goals and aspirations … you just have to make the choices to do so, and take the appropriate actions. 

Have faith and trust in yourself, your angels and the Ascended Masters.  

Number 123 can also be seen as number 6(1+2+3=6) and Angel Number 6.

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3 thoughts on “🎄Number Sequences ❄”

    1. Yes in fact I was just reading about the sacred spiral. Also I read about the shape of the sacred pentagram and how all of these shapes fit together in nature. I agree, amazing stuff! I hope you enjoy the meditations in The Spiral Dance. I need to read it again. It strengthens my inner spirit. 🌝

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