Spiral Dance- From My Heart To Yours

Coven Life®

From: Power chant, Starhawk’s Spiral Dance

This week…

No, I refuse to feed into the “fear/anger” like I’ve seen all over the internet.

I have some things that need to be said. We are Witches, Sorceresses – Sorcerors and Light Workers, our job is to walk in this reality. Our job is to heal, lift up and practice what we preach. As a Sorceress I am more powerful then fear or intimidation and so are you.

Are we suppose to suffocate ourselves in negitivity, fear and anger?

No! We Magically make things happen out of nothing.

We are Magick.

We are Powerful.

We are Love.

All of these attributes are alive inside of us. Grab a hold of them with the strength of a Warrior. Take a moment and laugh out loud, because we conquer negativity with laughter. Stand proud and be that mighty Magickal soul that I know you…

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