Elemental Witch

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2006 by: Tammy Sullivan

This is taken from a small section of a very wise book, written by an insightful teacher.


Naturally occurring objects that are said to be empowered with magickal properties manifest themselves in water as well as they do in the other elements. A sand dollar, for instance, is as potent as a four-leaf clover.

Coral: The name coral has its root in the Greek language. It translates literally as “daughter of the sea.” An extremely protective talisman, coral has been accredited with driving away nightmares, harmful spirits, ghosts, theft, accidents, sterility, and violence.  It is also credited with regulating menstruation.

Holey Stones: Waves, sea creatures, and wind have been known to erode stone surfaces in such a way that a natural hole is created in the stone. These “holey stones” are very powerful in matters of protection. They are also said to be useful in healing rituals, as they absorb sickness and disease. An old wives’ tale relates that looking through a holey stone will improve one’s eyesight.

Mother-of-Pearl: Mother-of-pearl is said to attract money as well as to protect. It is frequently used in ritual jewelry and placed on altars as a representative of water.

Pearls: Pearls have been thought for eons to be the tears of the Goddess. They are useful for attracting love and protection and improving one’s luck.

Sand Dollars : The Sand Dollar is a potent natural good luck charm. A sand dollar is the skeleton of tiny sea creatures with the imprint of the five-pointed star upon them. In spell work, they are useful in matters involving protection, wisdom, and luck. The Water Witch sometimes uses a sand dollar as a representation of the pentacle on her altar.

Seaweed: The lore of seaweed was plentiful amoung the sailors of old. Seaweed was said to foretell the weather, promote friendships, and protect against fire or evil spirits. To divine the weather, keep a piece of seaweed beside the front door. If it shrivels, there will be warm weather. If it becomes moist, it will rain. To harness the friendship and protective aspects of seaweed, you only need to carry it. Burning seaweed produces a rich fertilizer that has been used in farming for centuries..

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress


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